Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why the Crimson Coat Chef

I was inspired by a graduation gift from two very dear friends, one of whom is a sous chef.

When I graduated culinary school in April 2007 he and his wife conspired with my own significant other to present me with the most beautiful red chef's jacket. With this fresh new road to follow - the Crimson Coat Chef is born.

So why a blog?
One of the reasons I love to cook is because I get the opportunity to introduce people to new tastes and sensory experiences that they might otherwise not have tried on their own. A blog seems just one more way for me to share what I love about food and working in this industry.

We'll see what ends up here as I work my way through my Red Seal Certification, educate myself further and share with whoever happens upon me here the joy I find in food.

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