Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pudding Shooters!

So I'm headed out camping for a bit of relaxation - and what says relaxation better then a few drinks by the fireside!
Of course I can't do this normally, and neither can my friends. Last year, Jello-shots were our poison, this year I've decided to add to the fun with pudding shooters.

So here's the deal - Use the instant pudding mixes with one cup of milk and 1/2 cup of your selected alcohol or liquor for every box of pudding used.
This should make for a thick pudding that's fun to get out of the cups! If you want it a little thinner, use milk or alcohol to thin it down a little bit at a time. Be careful because some of the liquors can overpower the flavours of the pudding.

My flavour choices were as follows:
White chocolate pudding with Tequila Rose
Banana Pudding with Coconut Rum
Dark Chocolate pudding with Peppermint Liquor

Since I ran out of the first 200 I made in the first night of camping I made more and to the white chocolate also added a box of vanilla to the double batch. It was even more delicious if that is possible.

Happy Drinking :)

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kilandra said...

All I can say is YUMMMMMMY!!