Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Boys Club Update

It's a hard knock life...

After being faced with the realization that my exec. chef has no idea what I am capable of, I decided it was due time for a bit of an interview with him. I was sure of only two things going into this. One, if he failed to sincerely apologize I was quitting. Two, if he actually believes I am useless - I quit.

The very first thing he did was apologize for having accused me of being incompetent. Then he attempted to move things ahead with a whole 'lets talk about the future'. Oh no, we weren't about to discuss any future until I had the straight goods. I'm no shrinking violet here, I'm direct. Do you Chef, or do you not believe I am capable of doing this job? That is where we'll start.

So the answer is yes, he thinks I can do it. BUT (isn't there always a but...) he says I'm not aggressive enough. Yes, just picture the shocked look on my face, me the person who was told by two chef professors that I am TOO aggressive? Alright, so Chef, please do clarify what you mean because this makes no sense to me at all.

Well when I ask if you're doing okay on the lunch line, I never seem to get an answer. It's made me think that you're..delicate, fragile and unapproachable.

I'm WHAT?! - this is what is going through my head at this point. Apparently he hasn't been paying attention at all. This all seems like a cop out; he's furiously back peddling to cover his ass and not loose the last morning cook he's got.

Chef, I assure you that I am sure to respond every time you speak to me. That is something drilled into my head. Yes Chef, No Chef. Aye Chef. Doing good Chef. Why have I never called you over for help? Well, that's simple enough because I've never needed it. When I'm doing my job I'm focused, if you expect me to stop what I'm doing to look you in the eye and have a nice little conversation about how my shift is going, I'm sorry but that is not going to happen. My head is in the game, the job, that's it. Now in my head I'm recalling every instance of him stepping onto my line and 'jumping in to help' which in reality was him messing with my organization and screwing up the orders. I'm also recalling every instance of him swinging past my line yelling for this or that not being done, reprimanding me for not having whatever it was ready. The only reason I never respond to these - is because he's always dead wrong and I discovered years ago that correcting a chef is some sort of deadly kitchen sin. So I just let it slide off my back and carry on as if he never came storming through, because there was never a problem to start with. He has always just ASSUMED that I've messed up.

Onwards anyways. So he's interviewed someone for the breakfast shift position. Lovely. I'll take bets now that it's a male (or a very pretty, lovely female who couldn't yell across a kitchen if her hair was on fire) AND that he'll work 5 days a week on the line while I'll be shoved back over to prep for 5 days only conveniently coming in for 2 days to cover the regular cooks days off. Yes, no worries my concerned readers, I will quit if this occurs.

I also insisted upon proper training. I need the tools to do my job, we'll see if I actually get them. We discussed the lunch buffet, which morning cook also must cook for. Now I understand a bit better what my freedoms and restrictions are. My intention at this point is to show my stuff. Not for him no, this is ALL about me now. I've got creative control and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. I still don't believe he will ever notice my true worth, so forget him.

And so life continues, me laughing on the inside about the idiocy of some people. And no matter what his intention was in humiliating me, he never saw me coming when I requested an interview with him. Yes, it makes me laugh, I have to keep laughing. He thought he could use me as a punching bag and I would just stand there and take it - Not on your life!

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