Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Gift of 8 Year Old Cheddar

So over dinner one night, my brother makes the statement of how disgusting it is that his work is carrying an eight year old cheddar...I told him to bring me some home.

Of course, what better to make with a great cheese like this then mac&cheese. I'll admit to having a secret hidden fondness for Velveeta shells and cheese, but this was sensational.

I prepared the liquid for my sauce 3 cups of milk, half a cup of 35% and half a cup of half and half cream. Warming this gently, I added 3 cloves of sliced garlic, some fresh thyme from my herb garden, 1.5 tsp of powered mustard, some Worcestershire sauce.
Meanwhile I got the roux going. Just a basic blond one.
I strained off the liquid and added to the roux, whisking so it would be smooth and creamy.
Finally the cheese that barely made it off my cutting board because it tasted so damned good. The grated eight year old cheddar was added into the sauce to melt in. I toyed with the seasoning a little, threw in some cayenne pepper and some fresh ground 3 pepper mix.
I finished the sauce with half a cup of sour cream and some very beautiful minced garlic chives fresh from the market and mixed everything together into a greased pan.
I baked it for 20 minutes, gave it a few moments under the broiler to give a bit of golden brown on top; and there I had it. The most beautiful tasting mac and cheese I've ever eaten.

Now while my family has given the feed back of "It's not greasy enough." "There's no bread crumb topping." and "Where's the tomatoes"; Give this one a try for yourself and see how you like. Play with the flavours and enjoy a creamy, rich mac and cheese.

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