Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting back into "The Biz"

So I took some time off to become front of house management, what have I learned from this experience? I hate it. Now that I'm back in a kitchen what do I know? I should never leave the kitchen again, it is truly, my Passion!

I was lucky to get in on the opening of a new restaurant with a group that I already know and have worked with. So aside from some 'great expectations' I feel a little heavily on my shoulders from what management expects out of me performance wise; I am feeling far happier. I'm also feeling my age working on a line again, but you bet I can still hold my own with those boys.

Of course I still want to excel, I will always want this. I am a perfectionist down to the core and I know I cannot remain on the line forever. I've also learned to take some time for myself, which means before the busy weekend rush starts I go and have my cupa tea here

Beautiful isn't it? It's the shore of lake Ontario the restaurant is right on it.
Hopefully this restaurant will also get a booming catering and event business up and going for the hotel we're linked with. That is what I would like to be heading up and I've certainly not been shy about making that known to the management.

Still there's always time for me, I have to remember the balance and not burn out looking like this

But hell, if I wasn't a little crazy, I wouldn't be in this business!

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