Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Time YUMMY

Okay, so I spend every day I'm working surrounded by fried foods and well, okay not the best eats in the world at least in my book. But we are talking about me, who isn't keen on red meat. But when I'm at home, I've been cooking up enough to feed an army. Yesterday I had the day off and went wild with the fresh produce.

Of course, one must keep salad in their fridge at all times. If it's made and there, guess what!? You'll eat it! I'm not fond of the bagged salads, one they are very small portions for a crazy price, then there's the unnecessary packaging, and finally you can never quite tell how long that bag has been sitting on the shelf.

Salad greens are cheap right now, and what's fifteen minutes in the kitchen spinning some lettuce leaves when you can have a huge salad in the fridge to pick on for days?

My choice for salad greens, especially right now while they're cheap
Red and green Leaf lettuce - soft with a bit of crunch, light flavoured
Boston or Bib Lettuce - very soft leaves, nice hint of flavour
Romain - for the crunch
Endive - for a bit of bitter

I do -not- use iceberg lettuce. It's like eating water and it also gets rust even faster then cut Romain.

Toss in some sliced radishes, some green onion, some cherry tomatoes and it's a beautiful simple salad.

To go along with my salad I did up some crunchy Tofu baked in the oven. So simple and positively addictive.

Combine Panko with some flaked nutritional yeast
Season with your favourites I just went simple: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, a little cayenne.
Use an extra firm tofu and make sure to get most of the liquid out of it. I accomplish this by placing it between some paper towels and putting a big can of tomatoes on top.
Slice the tofu into about 1/4 inch slices. Brush with olive oil and then roll in the panko mixture.
Place on a banking sheet and in a 350 degree oven for about 20min, flipping them half way through.
Dip these in some BBQ sauce and you'd think you were eating chicken nuggets.
Some people around here couldn't stop eating them! My evening snack dissapeared!

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