Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on the Life of the Crimson Coat Chef

So, a little while ago I posted that I had recently taken on my first job as a Sous Chef.
I'm still excited by this!
Now, some of you might not know what it is that a Sous Chef does. And honestly, it does differ from location to location.  There's this thing called Brigade de Cuisine, the fancy French title for the kitchen hierarchy, which for those of you who like to be able to answer trivial pursuit questions, was developed by Auguste Escoffier.
If you really want to know all about it, follow this link to Escoffier On Line
The Brigade system is what brings discipline and organization to a kitchen.
And in this system, the Sous Chef, is basically the Executive Chef's right hand.  I knew I was a natural for this role a long time ago. The perfect Sous Chef is able to anticipate what the Chef is going to need. They can fill in in a snap, they can take orders, but they can still lead.
Now in our kitchen, there's only the two of us with occasional helpers. But I'm perfectly alright with this.

This is, to me, a dream position. Not only because I am a Sous Chef, but because of the setting and what I get to do in it.  Rather than a restaurant, this is a private club.  The food we create is fresh, in season and creative. We have a captured audience for the most part, repeat performances of the same dishes too often, leads to boring food.  So creativity is key in this kitchen.
Wedding parties have the food catered to their dreams, there are no set menus to choose from. We work with the client and their budget to create what they have always dreamed of. Now this, THIS is everything I could have ever wanted for my career. And I didn't know that anything like it could have existed outside of starting my own business.

I consider myself one very lucky Chef to have found this position, oh and did I mention that the Executive Chef is French, classically trained and been in the business for some 40 so years?  The things I have to learn!

This is the point where I squee and go skipping off like a kid in a candy store, because essentially; I am just that.

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