Sunday, May 15, 2011

Themed Dessert: Tennis

This, is where it all started. With a fuzzy, sorta yellow green ball.
This is where it all ended. With a sorta fuzzy, yellow green half ball and a deconstructed banana split. (Somehow I only remember to take photos at the end of the night, when the least attractive specimens are left)
A lot of this dessert is about techniques more than anything. So what is it!?
A white chocolate bowl coated in coloured coconut and filled with Banana ice cream, macerated strawberries, dried pineapple and banana and finally, a little hand piped tennis racket.

Chocolate Bowl
What you'll need:
White chocolate candy melts, you can find these at stores like Michaels and the bulk barn
Dried coconut, unsweetened
Yellow liquid food colour
Blue liquid food colour
Small uncoloured balloons
 -First thing is to blow up however many balloons you're going to need. Only blow them up to the size that you want your bowls to be.
 -Set up a baking sheet with parchment paper liner
 -Next, melt  your chocolate. For 5-6 balloons you'll need about 24oz of chocolate. Melt them in the microwave, start with 1min, stir and then continue in 20second intervals until it's all melted.
 -Dip each of the balloons in the melted chocolate up to the depth you want your bowls. Allow excess chocolate to drop off, then set the balloon down on the lined pan. Repeat with each of your balloons.
 -Now while those set up, it's time to colour your coconut. Use a container with a lid, appropriate size to colour about 1 cup of coconut.  Use 10 drops of yellow dye, one drop of blue. Shake the colour in the container, then add your coconut and shake more until most of the coconut is coloured.
 -Time to make those bowls look like fuzzy half tennis balls.  Make sure your chocolate is still good and melted, warm for 20sec again if needed. Now, dip your balloons a second time, let the excess drip off and then take your coloured coconut and sprinkle it over the dipped balloons until covered. Set on the lined pan to harden.
-When they are fully solid. gently press the balloon away from the edges of the chocolate, and then using a pin puncture the top of the balloon to slowly let the air out, try not to POP them. Pull the balloon away from the chocolate and you've got chocolate bowls.
Finished Bowl
Finished Bowl upside down
Banana Ice Cream
This is the easiest, most delicious ice cream.
Get yourself some really ripe bananas, but not black. Freeze them.
Once they're frozen solid, pull them from the freezer. In a few minutes you'll be able to peel them with a knife.
Cut the peeled bananas into icecube sized chunks. Put the chunks of banana into a blender and blitz. At first, the mixture will look a bit like it's dried and crumbly. But then, you'll see it get creamy and smooth. And you have banana ice cream. Store covered in the freezer.

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